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"Oh Shit...!"

Original Broadcast:

23 October 2000

Written by:

Caroline Aherne, Craig Cash

Babysitting is the second episode of series three of The Royle Family


Antony comes down the stairs and gets himself some breakfast. He heads into the living room where Barbara is looking after Baby David. She then gives him to Antony and he has to get the door while holding him, when Denise and Dave come in, Denise doesn't like Antony holding him and gets Dave to take him off him. Barbara offers them both a bacon butty and she makes Antony go and put some under the grill. Dave then takes Baby David upstairs while Denise and Barbara have a cigarette, they then confessed that instead of going out for a meal they stayed in the pub for their anniversary.

Jim then comes down and questions them both on their ventures the night before and they say the same thing but he agrees. He also slags Antony as a lazy git while he is in the kitchen making the sandwiches. He then brings them in with the appropriate sauces and they all dig in.

The doorbell rings and everyone looks at Antony and he answers it. A boy across the road is asking to be sponsored and Barbara puts down for 50p. He then spots Joe and Mary getting out of a taxi and Barbara invites them in, and Joe is bandaged up and Antony is forced to vacate his seat for him and he is also made to get Joe a KitKat when it is revealed he was grating some cheese, which doesn't please Jim. When they leave Joe is given a Club biscuit for later which gobsmacks Jim, once they have left, they start laughing and taking the mick. Then Jim slags off all women having their own talkshows.

Baby David starts to make noises on the baby monitor, but eventually starts to cry and Denise offers around to see who will go and calm him down Eventually Antony is made to go up and at first he refuses, but Jim forces him. Jim then asks Dave if he wants to go down the pub, which he agrees to and Denise and Barbara decide to go, but hesistate at first because of Baby David, but they decide to leave him with Antony. Once they have left, Antony comes down the stairs with Baby David and curses when he realises they have gone.