Barbara Royle née Speakman
RFCR 159
Barbara Royle in 2009

Date of Birth:


Place of Birth:

Manchester, England


Manchester, England



Marital Status:

Married to James Randolph Royle


James Royle (husband)
Denise Best (daughter)
Antony Royle (son)
Mr Speakman (father) †
Norma Speakman (mother) †
Mr Royle (father-in-law) †
Mrs Royle (mother-in-law) †
David Best (son-in-law)
Saskia Royle (daughter-in-law)
David Best (grandson)
Norma Best (granddaughter)
Lewis Royle (grandson)
Unknown Royle (grandchild)

First Appearance:

Bills, Bills, Bills

Last Appearance:

Barbara's Old Ring

Portrayed By:

Sue Johnston

Barbara Royle (née Speakman) is the wife of Jim Royle, with whom she has two children, Denise Best and Antony Royle. She is also the daughter of Norma Speakman and the mother-in-law of David Best and Saskia Royle. Through Denise, she has a grandson, David Best and a granddaughter, Norma Best, and through Antony, she has a grandson, Lewis Royle and another grandchild, whose name is unknown.


DSC 0811

Barbara with husband Jim and daughter Denise in 2009

As the wife of Jim, Barbara is a busy and hard-working housewife. Every Sunday, she cooks all the family a Sunday dinner and also every Christmas, she cooks them all a Christmas dinner, whilst her "couch potato" husband sits in his armchair watching the telly, doing absoultely nothing to help her. Barbara has always been a great mother to Denise and Antony, supporting them all the way in whatever they do. She has a really close bond with her daughter, although she is nothing like Barbara. She was supported by Denise whilst she was working at the bakery and whilst going through the stress of the menopause.



Barbara with daugher Denise and son-in-law Dave in 2012

Barbara is known for wearing jumpers and cardigans along with leggings, jeans and skirts. She is also well known for wearing her pink watch, her glasses on a chain and her pink slippers. Her hair is either half up and half down or up. Barbara's hair starts off brown but then gradually becomes brown with tints of grey. She has blue eyes just like her daughter.