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'Cadging' Carol
File:Cadging Carol.JPG
'Cadging' Carol

Portrayed by:

Lorraine Bruce

First Appearance:

Barbara's Old Ring

'Cadging Carol' is a character in The Royle Family. She made her first appearance in 'Barbara's Old Ring' and is best known for her habit of borrowing, the reason why she is nicknamed 'cadge' - as in to borrow or obtain unlawfully.


She first appeared in ' Barbara's Old Ring' and is portrayed to be a very rude and impolite character. She rings the doorbell and then when they refuse to answer, she bangs on the window and they are forced to let her in. She then she has the cheek to ask for a whole Christmas dinner from Barbara, first asking for Cranberry Sauce followed by other ingredients to make a Christmas dinner much to Jim's outrage. But she hands the stuff back and invites herself for Christmas Dinner. 

She appears later on Christmas Day, when after Joe is presented with his drill back as a present and Carol asked to borrow it much to Jim's outrage, but Joe speaks out and says he usually doesn't get things back, making her ashamed. She also laughs at the jokes Jim cracks and various other things around the dinner table.