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Cheryl Carroll
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Cheryl In 2006

First Appearance:

Bills Bills Bills

Last Appearance:


Portrayed By:

Jessica Hynes

Cheryl Carroll is a Character in The Royle Family.&nbsp

History & Personality[]

Cheryl was born most likely in the 70's and is a character that likes to eat a lot. Although she goes on various diet she seems to fail them all and has always been big. Jim has always taken the mickey out of her. E.g Still trying to prise her head out of the fridge! As well as diets Cheryl has always failed at finding love. During The Queen of Sheba she tries to find love by putting an ad in the paper and went on a few dates but they all failed and she ended up dating Twiggy for 2 years and dumps him for the man in the burger van.


Cheryl appeared in different jackets and suits that didn't fit her and sometimes the same as Denise. Cheryl is constantly concerned about her weight and consistently trying to diet, but her weight is often an object of ridicule to other characters, such as Jim.