Children in Need Special 2008 is a charity episode of The Royle Family. It had a two minute duration.

Plot & TranscriptEdit

Denise, Dave and Barbara are sitting watching Children in Need and Barbara asks Denise and Dave whether they like Children in Need. She then asks Denise whether it's great that Jim is donating to Children in Need and the camera pans over as Jim is searching down the armchair and digs out 80p for Children in Need. He then asks Barbara if she is having any luck and the camera pans back to see Denise, Dave and Barbara all lo

Royle family children in need
oking in the sofa for money, with Barbara sticking up her thumb to Jim's approval.

Full Transcript:

Barbara: I love Children in Need. Do you love Children in Need Denise?

Denise: Yeah.

Barbara: Do you love Children in Need Dave?

Dave: Yeah

Barbara: Denise, isn't it good of your dad to delve into his savings for Children in Need?

Denise: Yeah

Jim: One for the kids, one for me, one for the kids, one for me. 80p there Barb. If everyone in the country did that, there would be no children in need. Any luck Barb?

The Royle Family - Children in Need sketch (2008)

The Royle Family - Children in Need sketch (2008)

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