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Comic Relief Special
Comic Relief Special.JPG
"Decomposing my arse! You'd smell like this if you had your bollocks locked under a duvet for 24 hours."

Original Broadcast:

13 March 2009 (Comic Relief Night)

Written by:

Caroline Aherne, Craig Cash

Main Cast:

Ricky Tomlinson, Sue Johnson, Caroline Aherne, Craig Cash, Ralph Little


6 minutes

Comic Relief Special is a charity episode of The Royle Family broadcast during Comic Relief 2009. It features the regular cast and is a short 6 minutes long. It is the only episode to have the distant sound of a studio audience.


Jim is sitting in his chair very ill and stuffy and Barbara tends to him with a drink, while he contemplates on dying. The doorbell rings and Barbara answers it to Denise and Dave and Jim pretends to be asleep. They get very worried after they hear he asked for the heating to be turned on and Dave thinks he is decomposing from the smell of his overheating balls, outraging Jim.

The doorbell rings again and Antony comes in asking how Jim is and admitted he came as soon as he heard Jim asked for the heating to be turned on and Barbara tells him it is Jim's balls overheating. Then Antony opens a window to let out the smell. Antony asks Denise where the kids are. When she doesn't know, Dave confirms they are at his parents house watching Comic Relief. Antony then tells everyone that he raised £400 for Comic Relief by jumping out of an airplane and Dave is amazed to discover he wore a parachute. Dave also did a sponsored silence at work and raised £5, but failed the rest when Denise rang him. Denise was also sponsored to watch the kids, but only did until they came home from school and Antony suggests Barbara should have washed Jim's balls for £3. But this annoys Jim and he gets up to go down the Feathers and tells Barbara to turn the heating off. Then both Denise and Barbara say "He's better."


"Get that will you Barb, that'll be the Grim Reaper for me."

"I think he's decomposing Barbara." "Decomposing my arse! You'd smell like this if you had your bollocks locked under a bloody duvet for 24 hours."