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Dad's Birthday
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"What's at the beginning of that film?" "It's Pauline's Baby's Christening" "Bloody Hell he's having his 21st birthday next week..." "Oh Jim he's not even one yet!"

Original Broadcast:

5 October 1998

Written by:

Caroline Aherne Craig Cash Henry Normal

Dad's Birthday is the fourth episode of The Royle Family.


In the living room, Barbara comes in with some tablets and a drink of water because Denise has a migraine, but Barbara thinks it is stressed caused by the wedding, while Jim claims she has a hangover from a lock in the night before.

Jim's birthday is also made apparent when Barbara makes him get the card from Norma off the mantlepiece with five pounds inside, with Jim remarking that she didn't go overboard on the sentiment when Barbara reads it out. The bell rings and Denise who instantly knows that it is Dave asks Antony to get it and he tells her to kiss his arse and when she asks Jim he returns the same remark. Antony is finally forced to get it and makes him angry.

Dave wonders what is wrong with Denise and when she admits she has a migraine, he doesn't believe her and confesses that she was completley bladdered last night and annoys Barbara because of everything she had to do for her. This brings the first curious question of Antony's black eye in which he admits he has been fighting a gang.

Barbara and Denise then bring in Jim's birthday cake and sing him "Happy Birthday" but he refuses to blow out the candle because their are five minutes left in it. A bottle of Pomegne is added to the celebrations and Barbara gets some glasses and as Jim pops the cork, Mary arrives and gives him some cigarettes and Jim prepares a speech and in comes Joe. Barbara then gets out the camera for a photo and Jim complains about the age of the film and Mary can't operate the camera.

Once they leave, Cheryl comes over with the jacket they ordered from the catalogue and Cheryl's doesn't fit her and she assumes that the sizes are wrong.

Denise then starts to read out everyone's horoscopes and they refer to Russell Grant and other gay people and Barbara gives everyone a polo. Barbara starts talking about Barbara Kennedy having lovely clothes and Antony asks Jim where he was when Kennedy was assasinated and Jim guessed he was somewhere where the heating was on. Barbara said she was in the cinema with Charlie Rodgers who Jim never liked.

Cheryl goes next door to put her make-up on and Jim insults her and they then take the mick out of her while she is out of the room. Then they discuss the boxing and Antony brings up the subject again and reveals the name of the gang.

The Cheryl comes back and Jim complements her. Denise has to put on some make-up and Jim announces that he is buying for everyone, but Denise nicks the fiver off of him. Jim tells Barbara that he is taking her with her but she'd better bring her purse.