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Darren Sinclair-Jones
"Dunno Really"

First Appearance:

Antony's Birthday

Last Appearance:

The Royle Family At Christmas

Portrayed by:

Andrew Whyment


Darren Sinclair-Jones is the best mate of Anthony in The Royle Family.

History & Personality[]

Darren has had a background of robbery like his brothers and Father. He usually get's charged but never seems to get put away. When he is asked a question he usually responds with a one word answer like Yeah or No and then turns back to the telly. The only time he seemed to have a smile on his face is when Denise is Breast Feeding Baby David. When Jim makes a funny joke Darren usually is the last to stop laughing as he seems to have a short but weird laugh and the pair of them try to be like Ali G all the time by saying quotes to each other on the phone like "Westside."

He makes his final appearance in the Series 3 Christmas Special when a Antony and pregnant Emma tell Darren that they want him to be the Godfather, he accepts and breaks down.