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David Best

Birth Name:

David Best

Date of Birth:





Removal Man

First Appearance:

Bills, Bills, Bills

Last Appearance:


Portrayed By:

Craig Cash

David Best is the husband of Denise Best.

History & Personality[]

Dave was introduced in the first episode as the Fiance of Denise and were planning to get married in a few weeks after that. They get married at the end of Series 1 and they plan to have a baby during Series 2 and Denise gives birth at the end of Series 2. They prepare for Baby David's Christening throughout Series 3 and they have it at the end. They have another baby during The Queen of Sheba and call it Norma after Nana.

David is a quiet person and has a slouchy face when watching telly. Just like the rest in the household he does something but it doesn't take long for his face to turn back to the telly. He occasionally get's angry when he is forced to do something or Denise pushes him to answer a question. He usually laughs at Jim's remarks and farts.

Dave's name has been used for generations in his family, that is why he wanted to carry on the tradition by calling his son David. His dad was called David and his Grandad and Great Grandad and Great Great Grandad.

In later series he is represented as a dumber character then he was in the earlier series.


David appears in T-Shirts usually and his hair is a bit longer in the early series but he has shaved off and changed his fashion in the new specials.