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Emma Kavanagh
Emma Kavanagh.jpg
"Hello Mr Royle!"

First Appearance:

Antony's Birthday

Last Appearance:

The Royle Family at Christmas

Portrayed by:

Sheridan Smith

Emma Kavanagh was a character in The Royle Family.


Emma was first mentioned in Series 2 when Antony is seen climbing out of her car. They keep nosing in watching what he is doing and when he comes in they start singing "That's Amore." Jim constantly takes the mick out of Antony about Emma and tries to convince Barbara she is taking him for a ride and that it won't last long.

She first appears at Antony's 18th Birthday party and is introduced to the family. Norma keeps bragging when she finds out she is a vegetarian and wonders if she could eat some wafer thin ham. She also gets uncomfortable when Dave discovers he has dog poo on his shoe.

She appears again at Baby David's Christening and at the end of the episode they both reveal that they are engaged and Jim and Barbara automatically presume she is pregnant.

Emma's final appearance is in the Christmas Special when her parents come to meet the Royles. By now it is obvious that she is pregnant and they want Darren to be the Godfather.

After their son Louis is born, the relationship breaks down and they break up.