Louis Royle
Louis royle
Garlic Bread, Garlic Bread!

First Appearance:

The Queen of Sheba

Last Appearance:

The Queen of Sheba

Portrayed By:

Connor Marsh




Emma (mother)
Anthony Royle (father)
[Saskia Royle]] (step-mother)
Unknown Royle (half-brother/half-sister)
Jim Royle (grandfather)
Barbara Royle (grandmother)
Denise Best (aunt)
Mr Royle (paternal great grandfather) †
Mrs Royle (paternal great grandmother) †
Mr Speakman (maternal great grandfather) †
Norma Speakman (maternal great grandmother) †
Unknown grandmother
David Best (uncle)
David Best (cousin)
Norma Best (cousin)

Louis Royle is a minor character in The Royle Family.&nbsp

History & PersonalityEdit

Louis is the son of Anthony and Emma. He is born presumably in 2001 as Emma is pregnant with him Christmas 2000.

He only appeared in The Queen of Sheba doing funny celebrity and family voices.

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