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Little David Best
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First Appearance:


Last Appearance:

The Queen of Sheba

Portrayed By:

James Hughes & Matthew Hughes (2000) Harry Cash (2006)


25 December 1999

David Keanu Ronan Best'  is the son of David and Denise Best in The Royle Family.

History and Personality[]

Baby David was born on Christmas Day 1999. He appears throughout Series 3, including his christening, and has his first birthday on Christmas Day 2000.

When the show returns David and Little David come in wearing plain white T-shirts and black leather jackets. When both asked a question they respond with "Yeah" at the same time, showing that Little David is the spitting image of his father.


Baby David appears in lovely bright clothes as a baby but when he grows up he appears with a white plain t-shirt and a jacket just like his dad.

Baby David in 2000