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Mary Carroll
Mary carroll.jpg
Mary In 2006

First Appearance:

Bills Bills Bills

Last Appearance:

The Queen of Sheba

Portrayed By:

Doreen Keogh



Mary Carroll is a Mid-Minor Character in The Royle Family. She is the Royles next door neighbour

History & Personality[]

Mary met Joe maybe sometime in the 60's and they had Cheryl sometime in the 70's.

Mary has a funny and light hearted personality. But sometimes laughs at the wrong moment or something similar.

Mary is good friends with the Royles but has an on off relationship with Norma. But in later years the relationship seems to improve.


Mary has fire red hair and wears casual clothes.

Later Years & Death[]

Mary Appears in The Queen of Sheba in good health. But when she is next mentioned in The Golden Egg Cup she has a malfunctioning bladder and has leaked in the Shopping Centre. During Joe's Crackers it is announced Mary has died and Joe has had her Cremated and carries her around in an urn. Joe also states she didn't plan on dying as she had bought a 2011 Diary.