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Nana's Coming to Stay
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"Well Shove it up your arse then, you try to help out and look at that!"

Original Broadcast:

7 October 1999

Written by:

Caroline Aherne Craig Cash Carmel Morgan

Nana's Coming to Stay is the third episode of series two of The Royle Family.


In the living room Jim is sitting in his vest and reading the paper and Barbara tells him to turn it over to Changing Rooms but tries to argue he is watching the programme but loses. Once it is on he starts to critise the show and is relived they don't pay the license fee and Barbara admits that she does and they have detector vans now you monitor what you watch and Jim puts in down saying they won't be charged for watching it because it is so terrible.

The doorbell rings and Jim jokes that it might be the detector van. Denise and Dave come in and she starts to exhange her love for the programme and Barbara starts to admire her leggings.

Jim's moodiness is revealed when Barbara announces that Nana is coming for the week because she is having a cataract out. Denise tells Dave to take his coat off but he shruggs her off and he is eventually forced by Jim to take it off.

A car arrives outside and they get up to see if it is Antony and they tease him by singing "That's Amore" and they make him make a cup of tea. He brings in the tea and they discuss Emma again and Antony is forced yet again to go and get the biscuits and when they get them and they start singing the advert jingles for their chocolates.

Denise first announces the signs that she wants a pee but it is obvious that she is too lazy too move. Antony asks Dave about getting a gig in the Feathers and he announces that he is managing a band and everyone starts to laugh and Jim takes the mick while Barbara encourages Antony.

Jim then asks Dave whether they should go down the pub and get a gig for Antony and when he says they are not ready Jim has an outburst at him and he also has a go at Denise saying her leggings are horrible. Denise whispers once more that she really needs a wee and shouts at her to go for one picks up the remote and turns the telly over.