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Portrayed by:

Mary Healey

First Appearance:

Barbara's Old Ring

Philomena is a character in The Royle Family. She first appears in Barbara's Old Ring as a possible love interest for Joe and ends up to be the one he chooses.


Philomena appears as an irish love interest for Joe as he sets up a dating centre in the Royle's living room. He is her last choice and the Royle's all become the waiters to them as they enjoy their date. Barbara presents her with cheese, she asks for Stilton, but they don't have any and Barbara offers a smell of Jim's socks, but she takes it as a joke. They get on well and start to dance in the other room, but the back of her dress gets caught up her back. Then they dance upstairs much to Jim's complaining.

She also appears later at the Christmas Dinner and thanks Barbara for the pack of Polo's she bought her as a present.