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Sunday Afternoon
Sunday Afternoon.jpg

"Has She My Arse!"

Original Broadcast:

28 September 1998

Written by:

Caroline Aherne Craig Cash Henry Normal

Sunday Afternoon is the third episode of The Royle Family.


Nana finishes dinner and compliments Barbara on it and goes to sit down with the rest of the family on the sofa and Barbara asks her if she wants her stout or a cup of tea and she takes the tea. and she starts to quote that she doesn't drink yet lists what she drinks on occasions. Barbara then brings in a plate of eclairs and she stops Jim getting one first and let's Nana make the first choice and she takes the biggest one, Antony then goes for one and Barbara tells him to go and take the bin out to which Antony remarks why Denise can't do it and Barbara remarks to the swearing and blames Jim for teaching it them.

Mary comes over to check if Dave is there so they can bring in the dress and although Barbara suggests phoning her Jim intervenes and sends Antony. He then goes to do the washing up because he is sick of Norma's talking and when Antony comes back he is made to dry, Cheryl comes in with the dress and goes through. Dave then arrives and starts to talk to them about not drinking at The Pear Tree.

Back in the living room Denise is standing on the table with her dress on and Jim comes in wondering when they will be finished and forgets about Denise and is amazed when he looks at her but tells her not to scrape the coffee table.

Back in the kitchen Jim notices Joe on his way round and quickly sit down as he comes in the door and they try and ask him some questions but he comes out with very simple answers. They offer him a damaged cake and he takes a bit. Eventually Mary comes in and tells them they can go back in and Joe follows Mary home.

The Antiques Roadshow starts and the men come in singing the theme tune and sit down to watch and place their bets on the prices of the antiques.

After some annoying bets from Nana Jim heads up for a 'Tom Tit' and Anthony is sent to the shop for some cigarettes and also gets some Crunchies. Jim comes down annoyed and offers to take Nana back but then Dave intervenes to offer to take her back later. Anthony then returns from the shop with some Crunchies and Cigarettes. Then Jim makes him get up and make a cup of tea while Dave teases Denise over his Crunchie Bar. Anthony brings in the tea and hands Nana a cup and is forced to change it because it is not in a China Cup and Dave then takes Nana and by the time Antony brings in her China Cup she is ready to go. Once she is gone Antony asks Jim whether she really has any antiques and he replies with a My Arse!

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