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Sunday Lunch
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"Do you know Twiggy my favourite mode of transportation..." "Is a bloody broomsick!"

Original Broadcast:

30 September 1999

Written by:

Caroline Aherne Craig Cash Carmel Morgan

Sunday Lunch is the second episode of series two of The Royle Family.


Denise and Norma are sitting in the lounge and Norma is telling her about a women who she saw on Richard & Judy who lived a few miles from her while Barbara slaves over a hot oven trying to get the dinner cooked. Antony comes in from Football and is forced to set the table.

Jim, Dave and Twiggy come in from The Feathers and greet Denise and Norma on the sofa and Jim informs Barbara that Twiggy is staying for lunch and she tells Antony to tell everyone to sit up. Barbara brings in the meals and Jim asks her if she is ok because she has a red face and Barbara tells him to leave it.

Throughout the meal many conversations a lot of toilet talk and swearing from Jim, Twiggy's new girlfriend and the different modes of transport that Norma has been on.

Everyone finishes their dinner and hands their plates to Barbara and she goes out to get the dessert being tinned fruit. Antony starts with the whipped cream but is interrupted and gives it to Jim who layers it onto his bowl while he contemplates Antony's selfishness. Jim once again question Barbara on her red face and she tells him she is just hot, but when Denise predicts that it might be the menopause, she has a big outburst. The subject of the Baby's room is brought up and it related back to the moped still being in there and after a big argument, Dave agrees to move it and Twiggy plans to get it shifted for them, much to Dave's dismay.

After a cup of tea, Twiggy goes to leave and once again after he leaves Jim starts to slag him off and Nana get's ready to go home but later changes her mind and goes upstairs for another try and takes quite a few papers with her. Jim asks to tell him when she is finished because he wants to phone Dyna-rod.