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The Christening
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"Not Pregnant are you Emma?" "Course she bloody is!"

Original Broadcast:

27 November 2000

Written by:

Caroline Aherne, Craig Cash

Guest Starring:

John Delaney, Sally Lindsey

The Christening is the sixth episode of series three of The Royle Family


The camera pans around the room and people enter through the back door doing the conga and Jim welcomes them in and in the kitchen, the women discuss the Christening. Jim then makes a toast for Baby David and they all gather around, then Denise asks Emma to take her upstairs while she has a cigarette, Antony also wants to go, but Jim doesn't let him.

Back in the kitchen, Mary tells Barbara thay Cheryl went to see a Clairvoyant and was told that she would find love, but it is revealed by Twiggy's Girlfriend Michelle that she talks a load of nonsense, then she starts to take the mick out of Cheryl's weight. Meanwhile Darren tries to go out with one of Emma's mates and tries to flog her a dvd player and PJ and Joe discuss him being widowed.

Jim heads upstairs to the toilet and pops in on Baby David along the way, reminding him he is a Royle and showing him the future with his Grandad.

In the kitchen, Norma drunkly discusses the Gay's with Mary. Then Denise comes in on Dave talking to Baby David and he tells her what she can talk to Baby David about and they him 'Radiohead' to him. Meanwhile downstairs, Jim and Barbara gather for a song 'Someday (You'll Want Me To Want You') and PJ dances to 'The Irish Rover.'

Then Barbara shouts down for Denise and Dave because Antony has an important announcement and downstairs everyone is gathered in a circle singing to 'New York, New York' and Antony announces that he and Emma are getting engaged and everyone celebrates except for Jim and Barbara who instantly assume she is pregnant.

My Arse![]

"Sheep My Arse!"