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The New Sofa is the second special of The Royle Family' broadcast since the series returned in 2006. The setting of the episode varies between The Royles and Denise and Dave's houses.


Jim and Barbara are sitting in front of the telly watching Jamie Oliver stuffing a turkey. The doorbell rings and Barbara answers it to Dave and Denise. Denise announces her plans for tomorrows Christmas Dinner including cup-a-soups and Walls Vienneta, while Jim feasts through his box of After Eights. She also offers a turkey leg to everyone and tells Barbara that she won't miss seeing the kids on Christmas Day.

The doorbell rings and they hesitate before opening it. Barbara goes to open it and finds Twiggy who has just come out of prison for fraud, his son was in there as well and he was happy to get to see him all the time. They reflect on the condition of the world, Twiggy announces that he has ordered himself a Thai bride and Dave offers to have him for Christmas, much to everyone else's dismay once he goes out the door. Then Jim goes to the toilet for a Yuletide Log.