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The Royle Family Title Sequence has appeared since the first episode and hasn't changed. It reflects the theme of TV in the lives of the Royle's themselves.

Title Sequence (1998-present)[]

The title sequence begins with Jim switching on the telly and walking back to his seat. Then it switches to Barbara sitting down with a cup of tea next to Jim. Then Barbara and Denise sitting looking in a magazine, most likely for a wedding dress. Then to Anthony and Jim laughing. Then to Denise sitting down and putting his arm around her, while being nodded off by Jim. The final slide shows the family sitting in front of the telly, Anthony on the floor, before Jim picks up the remote and switches it to black.

The theme tune used is Oasis "Half the World Away" modified slightly during rhe shows run.

Throughout the title sequence, a blue chroma key filter is used to give the empathis of a TV screen. The names come up and fade on and off on each side next to each actor. They are displayed in a Windsor font.