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"Just a bit of fraud, nothing serious"

Twiggy In 2008

First Appearance:

Bills Bills Bills

Last Appearance:

The New Sofa

Portrayed By:

Geoffrey Hughes

Twiggy is a Character in The Royle Family

History & Personality[]

Twiggy compared to his name is quite a big chubby bloke. He is famous for selling knock off stuff and usually goes into prison every year for fraud. He is good friends with The Royles and regulary comes round selling jeans or some other knocked off stuff. At Christmas 2010 Twiggy got the Royles a Christmas tree but the top half scraped across the ceiling. It was revealed later by Cheryl that the Christmas tree outside the old peoples home had been stolen and they then knew where Twiggy had got it. He has had relationships and most have not lasted very long. He went out with Cheryl for about two years and she dumped him for the man in the burger van. Since then after coming out of prison he ordered himself a Thai Bride and got himself another one since.

For the last few years he has been going to prison for a number of months for the same accounts of fraud. But he usually enjoys it because he gets to see his mate and his son and save on his heating bills in the winter.

Twiggy usually has a good laugh with Jim especially when the story about Dave and his van emerges.

Geoffrey Hughes who played Twiggy died of cancer in July 2012. The character is known to still exist in the series, although a tribute was paid to him at the end of the 2012 Christmas Special.


Twiggy usually appears in Jeans and a t-shirt with a black jacket over the top.