Wedding Day
Wedding Day
"Look at Antony, he looks like a little choir boy!" "He looks like a little gay boy!"

Original Broadcast:

19 October 1998

Written by:

Caroline Aherne Craig Cash Henry Normal

Wedding Day is the sixth episode of The Royle Family.


Denise, Barbara and Cheryl are up in the bedroom, getting Denise ready for her wedding and she expresses her nerves and Barbara offers to go downstairs to get them a brandy. Meanwhile Norma is having a sandwich and wonders where the piccalilli is.

Twiggy and Jim then come in the back door carrying Dave and he is presumed to be drunk but it is realised that it is a trick and they start laughing about it and they dance around the room and sit down at the table. Barbara warns Dave to leave, and Twiggy flirts with Norma. Cheryl comes down and they start to shower her with noises, and she warns Dave from Denise to leave and Denise is upset upstairs.

Norma then comes up to see the bride to be telling Denise it is the happiest day of her life and it will be all downhill from now she also gives her some earings to wear of hers for the day and says she couldn't part with them even for her beloved Grandaughter, Barbara gives her, her heart necklace for keeps instead. They all finish off one more brandy as well.

Barbara comes down and gets the groom to depart. Jim gives Dave a little tip for the future and they have one more drink before he heads off. While upstairs, Twiggy emerges from the toilet and peeks in at Denise and tells her that she looks lovely.

Joe pops in, followed by Mary and Jim compliments her by telling her she looks like a leprechaun. They then all start to gather in the living room and Denise comes down in her dress to more compliments. They start to head off, Joe and Mary first. Then Jim goes for a quick Tom Tit.

Denise has her nails painted by Cheryl with a warning from nana that if that bottle goes that will be it and Jim is having the runs, then Nana starts to moan about having to take a taxi to her house to get her other shoes afterwards as she has originally planned om asking Dave the groom to run her home as he is very fond of her and she doesnt want to ask anyone else. Antony is then forced to go next door for something for Jim. Antony comes back, informing everyone that the taxi has arrived and they all start to rush and bid Denise goodbye.

With only Jim and Denise left, they peer out the window at the family getting into the taxi and Denise gets upset about the weirdness of getting married and Jim gives her a good talking to. They then have a quick drink and she confesses about not being so nice to Jim all though she cant bring herself to say the words out loud but she expresses her love for Jim amd Barbara. He then heads out the door and she has one more smoke, puts it in her bag and heads out the door.